You Have to Start to Finish

By on 8-02-2011 in Featured, Run, Run, Run, Runaway

Do you know how you finish something big? You have to Just Start! In between start and finish are a bunch of steps – simple, put one foot in front of the other, steps.

In September I’m running my first half-marathon. It’s a big goal for me, and a great race to finish off a year of athletic firsts. I won’t be super fast, but I sure as heck will be a lot fitter than I was last year at the same time. Actually it was last fall that I decided I was done with being overweight and unfit, so it is particularly fitting that my half-marathon is in this year in the fall. Like a one year celebration of a changed me!

I have had people in my life ask me how I fit in so much exercise into my busy schedule. Or friends who “wish” they could run or whatever but they just don’t have the time. We all have 24 hours in a day people I want to yell at them. I’m busy, who isn’t? But we also all prioritize differently. It’s your choice to not find time to exercise or to choose something else that is important to you to spend your time on, but I actually find it almost insulting when people say they just don’t have time – I think I take it too personally, but I feel like they are saying they are too important to make time for the things I make time for. Probably because I feel a little lacking in being “at home” all the time, even though *I* know how full my days are with my work, my boys, etc. Anyway, my favorite response and tip to those who say they don’t know how to start or they don’t have time is to take just 10 minutes and get out and do something active. If I run for 10 minutes, I usually realize I can keep on going for another 20 or more. Starting is the hardest step, but to get to your goal, your finish line, you just need to start and then keep going!